Behavioural Safety

People Focused Systems (PFS)

A people focused system incorporates a behaviour-based peer observation and peer/management feedback process. The system enables workers to be actively involved in the work process while enabling visible upstream indicators of safety performance through the measurement of % safe and at-risk behaviours.

Employing a thorough investigation of the organisation’s workplace history relating to accidents, incidents and hazard reporting, a window on the safety culture of an organisation is measured. This is supported by a safety culture survey which gauges the perceptions of staff in relation to safety in the workplace, their participation in safety and wellness programs and the leadership and involvement of management in the safety management system.

Our simple observation system enables the organisation to involve peers in providing positive reinforcement for safe work behaviours while discouraging at-risk behaviours. A strong focus of our programs is the identification of system deficiencies which contribute to at-risk behaviour. The analysis of observation data enables management to promote a high level of contribution and leadership to the safety system, enabling work groups to develop intervention strategies to eliminate barriers to safe work practices.

GSLS can assist your organisation in the following processes:

  1. Undertake a safety cultural perception survey.
  2. Provide an analysis of the organisation’s history through investigation of accidents, incidents and hazards reported to establishment a benchmark for cultural change.
  3. Implementation of sound consultation programs to ensure employees involvement in the safety program.
  4. Train all levels of an organisation in the PFS process which is linked to sustainable management and leadership.
  5. Develop observation tools to provide upstream indicators which reflect the organisation’s exposure to at-risk behaviours.
  6. Provide programs which enhance the safety culture and provide continuous improvement in safety performance, with steps linking to safety excellence.