Injury Management

Proactive Injury Management
Premium Reduction Programs

GSLS Pty. Ltd. is a specialist provider of early injury intervention programs aimed at reducing the impact of injury and loss through our program designed to reduce further potential for loss, while enlisting consultation processes with insurance companies, injured workers and medical and allied health providers.

Our program is well structured and designed to reduce further impact, while imparting to the injured worker a sense of caring and support often missing from traditional return-to-work programs. The holistic approach to organisational support of this program ensures its sustainability and success.

Our staff are experienced in the fields required to achieve success in this specialist area of work. We provide staff qualified and experienced in Occupational Therapy, Occupational Nursing, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Biomechanics. Our staff have extensive knowledge and experienced in claims management and premium reduction techniques.

An important feature of this program is the engagement of the relevant insurance provider, to ensure all issues are addressed early and the best of support and treatment is driven by our consultants, with the aim of early and full return to work.