Leaders Leading Safety And Business Excellence

Business excellence is achieved through strong leadership. This can only be achieved by ensuring a commitment to safety that is measured and incorporated into the continuous improvement model.

Our Leadership program aims to coach those responsible for decision making in the Behavioural Safety Process through identification of areas on which to focus for best practice performance, while identifying barriers that exist in the workplace which prevent Management and employees from achieving these outcomes. In working with organisations the Leadership program focuses on:

  • Linking behaviour with consequences to improve productivity and business outcomes.
  • Mapping required business directions and identifying barriers which may occur due to previous consequences experienced by employees and management.
  • Creating behavioural inventories to ensure a path for successful outcomes is identified.
  • Coaching Leaders to “Lead” through an actively caring approach.
  • Specialised training in positive reinforcement to ensure all Leaders understand the “no blame” philosophy and the power of immediate positive feedback.
  • Identifying and understanding behavioural indicators which will lead to positive business advancement through an improved business and safety culture.
  • Early intervention strategies to identify at-risk behaviours so that intervention processes can be targeted to reduce the potential business impact and keep processes in line with the organisation’s mapped directions and behavioural inventories.

Successful businesses focus on the development of their leaders to provide strong business and safety direction, while ensuring the aims and objectives of the business are verifiable through achievement of targets and positive performance indicators. The Leadership program enables the organisation to enlist the behavioural process to drive change and progress through the business for successful outcomes.