Management Systems
& Auditing

OH&S Systems

Gap analysis can determine the current status of safety management in your organisation. A comprehensive survey will assist your organisation to determine the focus of your system and the strategic plan for implementation.

Our systems are designed to achieve SafetyMAP or AS 4801 accreditation and can be written to reflect the legislation of the relevant state or a total approach across all Australian jurisdictions.

Our programs are designed to be self-supporting, while providing legal compliance through a simple system approach. Our staff are trained to support all staff to ensure safety is integrated into daily activities.

Positive performance indicators enable all procedures to be audited, while ensuring leading indicators become a focus towards best practice and safety excellence.

The emphasis of our programs is to empower workers to participate in the hazard identification processes, while enlisting the necessary support to ensure the sustainability of the program from the key stakeholder – management. Our behavioural programs assist organisations to identify critical areas of risk, enabling proactive strategies to be implemented, which are linked to sustainable procedures in the workplace.

Construction Safety & OH&S Systems

GSLS Pty. Ltd. specialists in construction OH&S systems, site inspections and auditing for construction project works

OH&S System Auditing

Our staff hold RABQSA International Auditor Accreditation for OH&S Systems and can audit your system in readiness for external accreditation or to determine the status of the system prior to audit.

A gap analysis is prepared which clearly indicates the steps to be taken to ensure compliance with the relevant external audit criteria or self insurance program

Integrated Management Systems

Integration of quality, safety and environmental systems can assist an organisation to implement these processes in a simple effective manner as part of standard daily activities. Our staff can assist organisations to develop these systems, or integrate a system from existing programs.